Quality Professional Roof Replacement in the El Paso Area

Your roof is many things; durable, strong, protective, long-lasting, and sturdy. It is not however, infinite. Just because your roof is high-quality and has lasted many years doesn’t mean it’s indestructible or that it doesn’t eventually need to be replaced. Asphalt shingle roofs are meant to last between about 20 and 30 years. Generally, you’ll begin to see some signs of deterioration before you need to replace your roof, but in general there are some basic ways to know that your roof needs to be replaced.

How Can I Tell if I Need to Replace My Asphalt Roof?

Flat Roof Replacement

Flat roofs are popular in the El Paso area, especially for businesses and other commercial buildings. Flat roofs are more likely to have leaks than other roofs because water does not easily run off the sides of the roof. These roofs also take a big hit from extreme heat and the dry climate. It’s vital that you contact a professional roof contractor if your flat roof has a leak or otherwise needs to be replaced.

If you have seen water damage stains on your ceiling or walls or you’ve seen bubbling paint, there’s a very good chance you have a leak. Flat roof leaks can cause extensive damage if not repaired as soon as possible. Another tell-tale sign of a leak is mold or mildew on your ceiling or exterior side walls. If your home or business frequently has standing water on the roof, or you’ve seen cracking or other damage, it’s a good idea to call a flat roof replacement professional.

When it’s Time For a Roof Replacement

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