Taking Care of Residential Roofing Needs in El Paso

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The Most Vulnerable Parts of a Residential Roof

Your roof isn’t just one big part- it is comprised of many parts working together to provide your home the protection that you are used to. Of those parts, there are parts that are more vulnerable to damage than others. These are the parts that you as a homeowner need to be aware of in order to prevent major damage from affecting your home. These include:

This is a band that runs around the entirety of your roof. It is located under the roof’s edge- think of it as a roof trim. It is where your roof connects to the rafters, the trusses, and gutters. This is the main line of defense around your roof against the outside elements. For this reason, it is important to look out for any damage that can let moisture or debris into the inner workings of your roof.
This is the exposed underside of your roof. When done right, this area has holes, or small vents, that allow air to circulate inside your roof and draw out damaging moisture and heat from your inner roof and home. Small insects and pests are drawn to the warmth of these tiny vents. Imagine what can happen if you allow small cracks and vents to go unchecked; they will only grow bigger and leave your home vulnerable to infestations and mold.
Flashings are used to seal any area of the roof covering that is interrupted or ends. Like other essential parts of your roof, their main function is to keep out what is arguably a roof’s most dangerous enemy: water. They are most vulnerable to rusting or simply getting loose. Make sure to always double check these parts to keep water at bay.
Probably the most recognizable piece of your roof is the gutter. Keeping water away from your roof is the primary function of a gutter. Water, as stated repeatedly, is your roof’s main enemy. However, gutters are not foolproof. Clogs can cause water backup, while too much debris can lead to excess weight. This causes the gutter to separate from the fascia, allowing moisture into your roof.

Let Us Help You with Your Residential Roof

When it comes to your roof, don’t pass up small repairs because of other things that may seem more urgent. Taking care of problems when they happen means you can avoid costly repairs later. In addition, by not caring for your roof you run the risk of severe structural damage that can lead to needing an entire roof replacement. When it comes to roofs, our experts at Noah’s Roofing are ready to use their knowledge for you. Call today to make your appointment for our residential roofing services!